JikiJikiJa. Pronounced JikiJikiJa.

How am I feeling today? Well, aren’t you a delirious dream of a person. Your Mom raised you right.

I feel impossible. Like in a good way. An unimaginable mystery. But a grand one.

I have weathered storms. Mainly of my own blowin’. I have survived another Summer. And even flourished in some ways. Grew in less flattering ways.

How am I feeling today? I’m psyched and only have one thing on my mind: The first public appearance of JikiJikiJa. Saturday at Boobstock,


Right? Say it with me: JikiJikiJa. Now just the ladies…..


So here’s what brought us here:  Broken Heart, Big Record, Good reviews. One gig. Etc.

(Why one gig? Because I’m a delicate flower, ok dickweed?)

And summer rolled on with all the expected summer-y things: Unemployment, rejuvenation,  rescue, some light space travel and humidity.

Happiness doesn’t pay the bills, of course.  That’s what pimps are for.

So I had some dear friends with connections in the ether knit together the perfect lil’ paid gig for me.

I’m in tobacco leaf. So if you seeking the dark fronto wrappers, I’m your dude.

None of which is about JikiJikiJa. Pardon me.

So I have a heartfelt record filled to the brim with my personal pain. But really…you can’t dance to it. So what’s a boy to do?

Create. Let inspiration in. Don’t force it, as is my usual tactic. Breathe.

And practice. Tighten what you got. Don’t be afraid to take them apart completely. It’s OK.

And good fortune blew our way in the form of the illustrious and ambidextrous Adanti moving round the corner.

So we have one angst-y socially awkward over share’er on acoustic and vocals. One lovely vision of serenity on cello (but still a Virgo so watch the fuck out) and the live wire unplugged beat master Jack.  What would this sound like?

Unplugged cave magic.  With all the mystery and monsters one has come to expect from the JpK brand.

And it reawakens my need to show off in public. So you’ll be seeing it out there.

First stop…..Boobstock.  Sobieski Club. 10 Woodland Rd. Deep River, CT.

Next stop….. Radio.


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