Cursive is Code’s new record The 1200 Bar Blues started as a dare between CiC songwriter JpK (The Grimm Generation) and longtime friend guitarist Dave Hogan (The Rafter Bats, Graylight Campfire). The challenge was to come together to do one straight out Rock record based on a mutual love of Mott The Hoople.

Unfortunately, soon after Dave Hogan passed away and this became an important record to make. The 1200 Bar Blues is based on the shared experiences of being in a local band looking to go big. Lyrically this deals with frustration, drugs and drinking, victory, playing first on the bill, band feuds, faith, fame or fortune and making it back to your day job on time.

Cursive is Code started when JpK (vocals, guitar) and Julie Kay (keyboards, drum programming) met in The Grimm Generation. The first Cursive is Code release The State Enforced Renaissance was their experiment with harder beats and glammier guitars. When they started putting together The 1200 Bar Blues they brought in a couple of ringers: Ian Malli on bass (The Midnight Anthem) and Cary Pollick on electric guitars (Big Fat Combo, The Zambonis). The resulting sound is big and brash and unadulterated Rock and Roll. The lyrics focus on true experiences such as trying to find a drummer (Summer of Drummers) or the worst gig ever played (Hopi Fest) and an apocalyptic take on proper band placement (Who Plays First).

‘All of this reverberates throughout this new album – which at its heart is a good old fashioned rock and roll album with the usual themes of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.’ – E2TG – Nashville

To listen to ‘The 1200 Bar Blues’ by Cursive is Code, please follow this link: https://cursiveiscode.bandcamp.com/album/the-1200-bar-blues


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