The Greatest Story Ever Told: The 1200 Bar Blues

The Greatest Story Ever Told is based on a band that did not make it, a band you never heard of, playing songs you never knew.

But what about the coke fueled parties?

The difficult second album?

Who slept with whose wife / husband / daughter?

What about the grandiose celebrity failure checklist that passes as music journalism?

You see, bad behavior is not exclusively for the rich and famous. We have all done pretty fuc*ed up things.

So for the Coke Fueled Parties, you get a junkie drummer. And that is no party.

Re: the cliché of the difficult 2nd album. How about the difficult 7th drummer? The 3rd mortgage?

The assorted affairs? Yes, you need to be rich to do that. Right? (crickets…)

No…these are trappings of success. Right down to the fact that they are reported and cataloged and presented to a generally uninterested World.

No. What I am talking about is Death or Glory.

Or steady work or Glory.

Playing shows for the bartenders only or Glory.

Packing your shit back in the van during a blizzard where no sane soul would even leave their house … or Glory.

Bands come together, disagree, come together, make a little more progress…disagree…..repeat. People get tested and either rise to the challenge or stop returning phone calls. The goal in mind grows larger with the sweat equity of work. And Luck plays a hand. Because as much as we want to believe that hard work can get us what we need, Luck can do it faster, better, harder.

A band is a living thing. If it is healthy. The people around you can hold you together. If it is unhealthy, it is a trust fall. There will come a time that they will not be there and you will fall hard.

Cursive is Code on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jason-p-krug

Cursive is Code on Bandcamp: https://cursiveiscode.bandcamp.com/

Cursive is Code on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy0lHa-Y95c88tHU7UO3jPQ

Cursive is Code on Spotify: https://artists.spotify.com/c/artist/0ZcbibpTleIw5QBOBrMHX9/profile/overview


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