Picture Yourself On A Boat In A Fire….

I get it now. I’m going to write this but no clue if Ill post it. This is between you and me, brain.


I have learned too much this year. We all have. I have seen just below the shiny surface right into the primordial ooze. So have you.


It would be grand to look at this divided country as Us Vs Them, Right (Us, again) Vs Wrong. Or closer to the truth, the excrement smearing monkeys from the wiser, less excrement smearing monkeys.


And not understanding has hurt my head.


I’m a patriot. More so, a Yankee. Birthplace of American Intellectualism. Where American history began. I am proud of all of these things. I am proud to have this as my heritage.


I am not well traveled. So the rumors of how lovely and uplifting the occupants of the other 49 states are just conjecture to me. I do believe these things about my countrymen. Even if I have a certain disdain for people who don’t have a certain disdain.


So….I never saw Trump coming.


I knew how people loathed George W Bush, and frankly, he gave them some good reasons. I could never jump on that bandwagon as my ego doesn’t fit on bandwagons. Nor waterslides.


George W was a poor villain. Cheney was an awesome villain. My fave was Rumsfeld. He looked like the inner machine never stopped, never slowed.


Make no mistake. I’m not defending these dudes. I am too dumb to remember what they did. I’m not a political animal…except interpersonal politics, in which I am a fucking Kennedy.


No. As Trump ascended, as more and more bondo’ed broken down trucks masking taped ‘Trump For President’ on their crushed quarter panels, I simply did not understand.


It took time. And you learn a lot during a car wreck.


I don’t believe people believe in Trump. I still hold out at least that much hope for my fallowed Americans.


I think they’re desperate. I think we’re all desperate.  The difference is we are too well mannered to make a fuss. We accept our candidates as they come. We don’t believe them. We don’t trust them.


It’s what our parents did. And their parents too.


So perhaps….I was wrong. The Rise of Trump is not indicative of formaldehyde in the Gene pool. Maybe this is how we get a Dumb Revolution. Throw The Bum In, as it were.


No one can take the President seriously again if he wins. So is that the idea? Tear down the House to keep the dog out? Burn the crops to deny the locusts?


Is this really the point? To simply…start again?


People are frustrated. We are frustrated with them. They are frustrated with us. But the machine ever continues.


I registered to vote this year. For sanity. Maybe simply my own.


Maybe you should too.


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