Be My Fan And I’ll Be Yours

Being a fan is like raising an unimportant child.

Being a fan is a glorious frustration.


Being a fan is intentionally aiming for the unrequieted.


Being a fan attaches your life experiences to the new experimental LP.


Being a fan is adopting zealotry as a social obligation.


Being a fan is creating a personal myth utilizing public property.


Being a fan allows you to straight faced attach the word ‘mania’ to anything.


Being a fan means sitting through a lot of bands your not a fan of.


Being a fan is being part of a silent minority.


Till show night.


Being a fan requires love and understanding.


Being a fan creates defensive positions for every shitty record.


Being a fan is terminal.


Being a fan is a beautiful deal tween you and strangers,


Be my fan.


And I’ll be yours.
The Beatles 1964 American Tour Indianapolis 1964

The Beatles 1964 American Tour Indianapolis, Indiana State Fair Coliseum. 3rd September 1964. A typical concert pose for police officers across North America. Some officers resorted to putting bullets in their ears to quiet the screams.


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