The Battle For Your Attention

There is a thousand crab legged combatants circling, circling in the sand in the battle for your attention.

A Thousand (times a thousand, times a thousand)
Bands and boys and shows
Heroes and villains and bystanders with a story to sell
A Thousand creeping horrors, or hot pix, or ways to Salvation from the Hell of
A Thousand diets and relationships and birds tap, tap, tapping at you pane / pain

(Are you listening?)

New movies and gently worn classics, A Thousand matters that mattered before you were born
A Thousand holidays in the name of God and Country, both of which may be myth
A Thousand drunks a drinking and staring glassy eyed across the room, or country or time itself
A Thousand new technologies to keep us aware of all of the above and the below

(Are you listening?)

A Thousand (times a thousand, times a thousand) bells to answer and streams to shut down

And everyday, the battleground shrinks a little bit more as A Thousand  (times a thousand, times a thousand) new sensations/ relations begin

Brevity Is The Soul Of What?


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