The Long Lost Date Profile of JpK

Seeking intellectual pursuits (as I am physically lazy)

seeking a great romance (as I have a surface charm, that in certain lights plays as depth.)

seeking Deep conversations that go on for hours (about me)

seeking warmth (warmth? I’ll take heat, puppies are warm, and really won’t suit)
sweetness (but still gotta scare me a little. I react well to fear in relationships)

a partner in crime, a soulmate genuine and true (Ugh. I can’t believe I wrote the word ‘soulmate’. How desperate was I when I wrote this?)

seeking someone ready to give it a shot (by that, I mean take in my good points, take in my bad and work the math)

seeking someone who still believes that two people together is the best social company one can hope for (and still true…especially if one of those two is a woman who will sleep with me)

seeking someone who is seeking a good, honest man (who lies when it’s convenient…or fun)
who has his windmills to tilt at (ya. Drop a little Don Quixote in, The Patron Saint Of Lost Romantic Causes)

but with feet firmly planted on terra firma (surprise! Not so planted….)

Seeking someone not afraid to fall in love too quick, regardless of the potential hurt (inevitably mine)

…because that is where life happens, out on those edges (so, please do your best to sleep with me on an early number date. Thank You.)

Also seeking someone who can put up with my particular spinning of conceptual crap…like this preceding note (true)

What are you seeking? (My guess? Not me…)


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