6 Ways To Live In The Now

1) Recognize what you have at this minute. The details. Remember every sensation, every scent, every feathery touch. Hold onto this, just for a bit. It will change.


2) Drive to the middle of a a state you have never been to before and throw your wallet and phone into the sea. Or storm drain. Or fountain. Something symbolic. Even trite is fine. And your doing it.


3) Let your history go. You’re not Lincoln. No one will care. Unless you are Lincoln. Then get off the Internet cause your dead.


4) Forget your wisdom, the expected outcomes of the intended actions. Forget that you know everything about everything. Learn this day like its a new language.


5) Forget who your supposed to be. Be what you are today. You can call in sick. I’m an authority figure. Your absolved.


6) Remember you have approximately 25,000 days. Then the bill is due. Make sure you enjoy every bite.


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