Become Part Of The Problem

‘Krug released his debut solo effort in 2016 and The Zen of Losing may just be the perfect soundtrack and the perfect antidote for the year that many of us were glad to see end. Loss is part of life, but sometimes the magnitude and the volume of loss can be overwhelming. Jason P. Krug faced his personal losses and found his artistic voice in the most amazing way. ‘

2016 Artist Of The Year –

‘If you are into storytelling within a song, then Jason P. Krug is the singer/songwriter for you. There’s always a story in his music, you’ll meet a character and visit a new world each time within his songs.’

Give me that Indie Folk: Jason P. Krug and the “The Boy King

“Krug is unabashed by laying it all on the table with this album….raw and thought provoking”

“Jason P Krug is another artist who will suck you in to their entire repertoire on Soundcloud against your will.‘

‘Hushed and desperate, haunting and believable. And you’ll find yourself singing it unconsciously.’

give5aspin: The Neon Desire, Xavier White, Josh Warren, Radio Skies, Jason P. Krug

‘The Zen Of Losing’, Jason P. Krug’s latest release is available on:





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