My Letter From Asgard

Thor movies are dark. Dark in tone, darker in visuals to bare the effects.The comic book popped with lovely lethal colors. Like always sunny in Asgard.

It works darker. Gods were for the most part dicks.


It’s our mythology. Its gasoline for the machine. There’s a reason super hero movies are boffo box office. It’s church to the extreme (pay for the 3D. Really. Life is short).


We have always received lessons from the comic book universe at large. Some of them bordering on Nationalistic. It’s not only my mythology. It’s not yours.


Think of how we use the names. Think of how often you hear or speak one of their names. With a definition attached: wild or good or conflicted. With the pathos of the hero used, warped or kept simple, by the inflections.


It’s world wide. It’s a go to language between all civilized humans. As long as you don’t need directions.


I’m a fan. I’m in. I did not expect my childhood obsessions become so ever present. Which is not to say that they are all good. They are not.


A well done super hero movie will engage you and make you laugh and make you root for someone, even if it’s the villain.


A bad superhero movie drops me into a state of just staring at the screen wondering about the sheer number of Plymouth Dusters I could buy with the cost of that particular shot. And where I would park them.


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