A Tale Of Two Uterus – April 3rd, 2015

Provocative. Smart. Carnal.


How do I describe how I got here? How do I stress the excitement I’m in a near constant state of? (if you picked drugs….you’re wrong. But get credit for paying attention).

And of all the bergs in this berg laden state…Middletown.

There’s a logic to all this. My first solo career started in Middletown at the super important Klekolo World Coffee. They were my friends. They let me play whenever I wanted. Hollie and Yvette are quality souls.

The Riches And Poverty Of Love Tangled.

Jason P. Krug (your author) and the amazing Julie Kay (cello) will be taking our private obsessions to the MAC 650 Artspace Gallery for the first live playing of my Post GG work. The words you see in bold are suggested words to convey the sound, sweetly provided by the JpK Army Of Woman (If you think I’m exaggerating, we clearly have never met.)

Reflective. Focused. Clean straight to the gut.

It’s personal music. It’s not a genre. It’s human. It’s revealing and perhaps overly so.

Complex. Eclectic. Soulful.

Join us two weeks from tonight at MAC 650, 650 Main Street, Middletown. It’s gonna be a scene.


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