Maw, We Broke Facebook.

And this is why we can’t have nice things.

I have wanted to address this, something so clear that anyone with a computer can see it. It’s a national movement. To get the fuck away from Facebook. I will address this then Tweet it, or copy onto sheets of copy paper and rain hell upon the yard. Whatever.

Cause on Facebook, nobody will read this. Cause everyone is getting the fuck away from Facebook.

We never know the nice things that will develop in our lifetime. This country is only 238 years old, and we had horse and carts and now trucks with heavy horsepower. We developed a Postal system to share from great distances, which gave us texting. We had radio which gave us DVR’s so we need not miss a bit of anything ever.

They gave us a place to gather, to share, to learn about each other. And we turned it into Rwanda.

It’s not my fault. It’s not your fault. It is all of our faults. Let’s stop with the partisan bullshit. We lost, life sucks, get a helmet.

Meanwhile….. things are happening here that we barely acknowledged. Real things that have nothing to do with how you voted.

I have seen amazing and truly vicious arguments here.  Friends stuck in endless commented conversations from people they clearly don’t know.  That’s because there not local. At all.

I saw this on Samantha Bee and it shocked me (it was a warm-up for more shocking things coming, but I wasn’t aware then). The Russian Government (bet ya never thought you’d see that in one of my blogs, eh? Well you won’t see it twice) keeps a cabal of young adults lodged up for the single purpose of going on Facebook and starting shit.

If that sounds conspiracy minded, it is not. It is happening now, today. It will still be there tomorrow.

The goal is to upset the American apple cart…and hot damn if they didn’t do a bang up job with it. We helped, of course.

But seriously….seriously…watch this:

This country is an experiment. And it always has been. Democracy, if you want it. And we have made grand enemies abroad and local.

And we are not untouchable. If you ever wondered that, now you know.fb

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