Scrub Me, Baby: Defragmenting JpK

I have lived a reasonable life. I have had success, failure, real Ethiopian food, traveled through an actual rainbow, owned pets, lost those pets, replaced those pets and lost them too.


I brought life into this world (with help), I have laid down in the middle of Route 95, I have stayed awake all night and saw the sun come, I have slept through New Years Eve.


I have operated my life and values (without fear of afterlife reprisal) with a simple formula: If your blissful moments outweigh your misery, You Win.


I have had a weird decade.


And now….I have lives left to live. But I have the accumulated clutter of this first bit clogging up the machinery. Not even in some sly, psychological slant. Simply too much info, reclining storage space.


How does one sweep away one’s accumulating history, without losing the lessons?


I have said this next phrase over and over again these past few weeks: I am in Safe Mode. I need my system scrubbed. And Re Start.


Now….clearly I am crossing conspiracies, personal and international. Clearly I am seeing myself as a sparking hard drive versus the real effort it takes to be human. In a world full up on humans.


How does one collect themselves….but never to the point of having ‘Emotional Hoarders’ show up at your shack? How does one keep righted, green for starboard, red for port, when vision (and author) are blunted?


My history has been recorded (OK, my version of my history, I can’t speak for the muses) in 3 minute bits of chord and song over these past 2o years. My songs are my errant children. They follow me and thrill me and disappoint me too. They are a proper heir. Slabs of honesty mixed with rhyme. Sometimes a near rhyme.


This, as opposed to a photo album or diary, captures not simply the freshness of the emotion, but also the cadre of friends and acquaintances I have acquired singing, sneezing, soloing in the background. My Practice Tapes of attempted Humanity.


Fun. But not the question.


How does one get there system scrubbed?


Write a blog about it. Check!


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