Care and Feeding for your The Zen Of Losing Part 1 (Purchase)

So you’ve decided to take home ‘The Zen Of Losing’. Congratulations!

We know there are many options for your Internet Dollar, and we appreciate you shopping with us, where ‘reputable’ is our middle name. Though for branding purposes, that’s a nightmare, so we will stick with P.

As you know, where you purchase your ‘Zen Of Losing’ is important, with so many Record Mills about. The JpK Guarantee is that each of our CD’s (and Downloads too) are:

hand fed and coddled
told they are very special children
brushed 100 strokes every 30 hours

It’s this type of care that assures you that your ‘The Zen Of Losing’ will fit nicely into your home and completely undo your life.

So, for purchase, we have many options. May we suggest:

BandCamp (download only) –

CDBaby (download or CD) –

In addition, feel free to contact us at for CD purchase. These can be mailed to your home or hand delivered…but it must be noted that I may live in your basement for years beyond. That’s in the CD delivery contract.

Also soon available on vinyl. But just one copy for $1400. Assuming we get a bite on that, more vinyl copies.

Coming Soon: Amazon (drone delivery applicable where available…which is nowhere) & iTunes. Plus Retail locations.


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