Fashionable Ways To Wear Your Albatross

What is it that keeps you from getting where you want too?

Is it time? Finance or romance? A small addiction? A big fear?

And if you slayed these private monsters…what then? Freedom. Right? Right?

Or do we look at…almost rely on…the daily millions of things that get in the way? Are you so afraid of reaching that potential? Why?

Perhaps to discover you never had a clue as to where your real place in the world was?

You have work to do and time to do it. This life limits us to the certain possibilities and creates words like ‘impossible’ to wrap around ourselves like a quilt when we stop trying.

And as much as you believe you’ll never stop trying, in time, you will. That’s not laziness. It’s mortality.

Tick Tick, MoFo.

Do you need these little glitches in your perfect machine? Are they valuable to create a needed alibi for the day you look back and said ‘it never could have worked…’.

Are you so confident of an afterlife that you can waste this One Night Stand we actually get? This is your headlining shot. Now. Today. And tomorrow if your lucky.

Your diagnosisable problems are public record. Your deep dark secrets are your crop to harvest or kill.

When will enlightenment come to you, anoint your lined forehead and set you free to reach your full potential?

There’s no answers here today. Just questions to consider. I am.



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