Some Songs I Like. Some Songs I Don’t Line Part 2

And now…getting closer to air time with DH (Thursday 4/7 ….I should be figgering out what to play, but  that’s no fun. Better to decide at the moment and then we can all find out together if I remember it. More interactive.

We get to that moment where I pick up my plectrum and I think ‘Shit. How’s this go?’ and if you’re listening, you think ‘Dick. He shoulda practiced.’

And were having a moment, me and you. Isn’t that amazing?

Yeah, I’m cocky. I’m excited. I have had the good fortune of playing live in the WPKN studios before. Different points in my personal timeline, different projects and a giddy feeling that translates as ‘I cant believe I’m playing WPKN’.


 I played on Jeff Day’s show which was a treat as I was always a fan of his Kinks specials. Hooking up with Gigglejuice and singing back ups and shaking an egg. Just the definition of fun.

We brought The Grimm Generation down to Bob D’Aprile’s CT Rocks show and …well, wow. Just Carmen Champagne and me and we played two songs live.  To this day, two of my favorite Grimm recordings. That studio, that day, those mikes and Bob were good to us. And we played soft and sang pretty and got a copy to listen to on the ride home.


David Golden’s Sunday Brunch show was the scene of something I’m immensely proud of. The Grimm Generation got to play our radio play ‘The Big Fame Radio Hour’ live on the radio. As intended.

We don’t always get our intentions met. I need pay more attention to that. I am grateful for the magic I have been part of.

It’s an electric comfort to imagine your voice sailing out on the ‘PKN airwaves and reaching that thinking audience. It’s huge to me.

And it is today. At 4:00. 89.5 FM or WPKN.ORG. It’s gonna be special. It’s gonna be kicks.


 Join Me.



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