Your Alternative To The Debate Entertainment: JikiJikiJa on WESU, Middletown

Happy Sunday, Citizen…

These are your options for this Sunday (October 9th, 2016) Night Entertainment…Choose wisely…

  1. Every channel…every screen….this one too…. gets taken over by the spectacle of the end of ‘White Heat’ on a National scale. He versus She. Them versus Us. Imagine the end of ‘The Stand’ if it dint suck out loud. He’s on the ropes, but has a bag of lies deeper than existentialism. She has momentum, but half the country are imbecile  (I’ll accept the broken English quality of this sentence as it fits perfectly in my geometric vocabulary). Will he? Did she?
  2. Or…fuck that. Live radio out of Middletown, three musicians, one DJ and something to say. The first public viewing of JikiJikiJa, JpK, Julie Kay, J, Adanti sharing what they did with there summer vacation. Some chat on ‘The Zen Of Losing’, some song, some dance, some seltzer in your pants.

Choose well, Indiana. One of these will be played ad nauseum tomorrow. One is a rare jewel of opportunity like a swallow swirl.

Tonight, JikiJikiJa (Julie Kay, Jack Adanti, Jason P Krug) play LIVE on The Psychedelicatessen (Sunday night AT 9:00 ECT on WESU Middletown) with Rick The Dissident. Tune and and Turn Off the TV. Seriously.


‘JikiJikiJa live is stomping boot and patented Grimm aggressive acoustic, and cello wails and finessed beats utilizing shaky things and cajon. And it sounds like…Rock and Roll. Of course. The songs from the record get jacked up, the new songs less self-conscious and more in the G.F.Y. vein.’ – JpK




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