A Good Song Will Stand – DH

And he was not wrong. DH and I had this conversation over years, decades, lifetimes.

The simplest breakdown of the conversation was what are we trying to provide for this World, beyond our sunny personalities, beyond our genius swearing. What is it that we have that to share?

4 chords and a truth. With something catchy to chase the bitter with the sweet. Simple sentiments or complex linguistics. Just make sure the hook irresistible and the length short.

I am a songwriter. I am not a poet, despite my best poses. I don’t write novels as I consider how many songs I can write in that same amount of creative burst. I deal in volume (was that pun intended? I leave that to the reader to consider) and for every bad song I make, I do write a few fine ones.

Of course, that brings into question what you consider a song.

I don’t preach on this subject as I believe Pop Music is a commuter train that we all use…for a time…and then it passes us by and gets delivered to those who need it: Kids. If I don’t like the genre you work in (and I do not), I don’t believe my genre is ‘cooler’ or more ‘rad’. It is just mine.

What I create is words with (hopeful) meaning, chords that soften those often stream o’ consciousness thoughts and something to listen to for 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

I have often wondered what it is like to excel at a particular instrument. It has never been something I have ever been overburdened by. I admire musicians…I love musicians…. but I cannot say I understand them.

And vice versa.

I miss Dave. That all this mess of words is saying. I would have wrote him directly if I had the ability to do so.

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