Nu Music Marketing

ouija boards and ready cash

find your flyers in the trash

get engaged, be compelling

heat for muscle, cold for swelling

be social, get sociopathic

you will go far; cellar to attic

this is a new frontier

but no one wants to live here

epk, getting with it

sonic bids kills kids

fake ends, sham remedies

fake friends are enemies

be nice to radio

is that relevant? No.

band battles pay to play

hope fades


behave (4xs)

repeat (4xs)

get brave (4xs)

tarot cards and press

sell a big disaster from a lil mess

spinning tops, a new dress

make relationships fat with access

location location location

and if your aint in one your fucked. In rotation

it is not about creation

welcome to the working world

keep your hands in your pockets and your images graven

slap on a jersey and swing with all you got

no one gets poor being brazen (right?)

repent(4xs) behave (4xs) repeat (4xs) get brave (4xs)