Shoot JPK Into Space: The Next Day

‘OK….I just read your blog from yesterday. After you went on and on about your feelings….’


‘Yup, that sounds like me….’


‘… and then you started talking about going to Space…and we can come too….’


‘This is true.’


‘Well….that’s impossible.’


‘The possible and Im’ are unrealistic markers…’




‘This is more about how you want to spend your remaining time here. Consider the musician. What was possible 10 years ago nears Im’….but at that same time, what was possible now is an ever opening flower….’




‘Meaning…the Olde ways of thinking are all used up. I could make a record and try and get it on the radio. Or a video. Or a movie or TV show. But I’d rather direct my energy to something more…. possible.’


‘Wow. OK….I will bite. You want to make music that pays for an eventual Planet Caravan.’




‘How much do you need to Brave a New World?’


‘Ohhh….about $196 Billion. But I haven’t even checked Craig’s List yet.’


‘You expect us to buy you a rocket?’


‘No. I expect you to enjoy the swinging sounds I’ll be laying down in the next 48 hours. The JikiJikiJa Singles Night come Thursday. And if you really like it, just stick 2 billion in our hat and were cool. Unless you wanna come….’


‘Ummmm…I repeat, Wow.’


‘I can see you think I am quite mad.’


‘Perish the thought.’


‘They said that about Lincoln too’


‘No, they didn’t’


‘W.E. History is for losers now. We learn nothing from history, even on a loop’


‘Are you OK?’


‘Eccentric. But getting better. At least that’s what the voices say.’


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