Shoot JPK Into Space: Come What May…

So space craft aren’t built in a day. Are they? I need look that up.


I’m not a great planner, so I keep smart friends around me. I am a genius ponder’er.


Today I ponder leaving home. I have left homes before. But usually when I got there, there were still birds and grass and trees.


And gravity.


And now…well….what is there to do in Outer Space?  Aside from breathe huge sighs of relief that we are beyond carbon coding and dictators du jour. We are good with our taxes and the quality of our cars vanishes in a massive, fiery plume. As, of course, we may too. Rocket travel is safer than auto travel (I hear), but a fender bender may involve more than exchanging information.


I am rushed with thoughts metaphysical. And some physical. I’m considering where the good space coffee is. I wonder if we can sing in space. Like sure, I heard that astronaut do ‘Space Oddity’ too, but did you download it? No. It sounded like it was an old Leadbelly recording with scratches still intact.


And worse yet, a cover song.


I think of the short term (tomorrow night, the first official JikiJikiJa release hits this spot, and others. The Third Thursday Singles Dance begins), I think of the medium term (getting the deposit on a spacecraft….which with my credit….yikes) and the longest term. A new hope. Home. I meant home.


I will miss these lil’ feathery bits of color buzzing around me. I will miss the particular green that comes in late April, The waters running high and strong like healthy veins.


I will miss my hawks the most of all. My Silver Familiars who are always there to act as a sign or an omen, but always good. The vultures serve the equal and opposite purpose.


What will you miss? Are you really ready?


Home is a concept. Space is not. Space is unforgiving. A small error and we become…well…..Christ…..something small I reckon.


I am readying myself. For anything. Cause anything is on the menu.


So tomorrow, we start building a community. I want to keep it private initially so you will eventfully receive a request to send us your email. I feel like if we keep it public…aside from the writings of a clear madman…we will deal with people beating on the launch pad to get in.


The idea is simple…and yes, near impossible. We build a community and blow town. In a larger sense. Possibly blow ourselves sky high in the process.


But fuck it. Nothing ventured…is…ummm…not good.


Drop by tomorrow night for the first Third Thursday Singles Club introducing JikiJikiJa. Every Third Thursday a new song. Plus others thrown in based on our whims and our wilds.


I am going to sing my heart out till we hit the atmosphere. Then I will luxuriate in the knowledge that we have a new home to settle.


So par-tay. Take your clothes off type of par-tay. We must repopulate like bunnies.


And have a Hearty & Happy 420, kids.


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