Celebrate 420 @ The JikiJikiJa Singles Club (watch this spot…)

Ah Life. It is a marbled colored pickle, in’it? Well….IN’IT????


Sorry. It’s the coffee. Oh … and the general surliness.


On a day where Mind Expansion is celebrated and appreciated, on a day when the first hippies see’s his shadow (or was it HIS shadow? Hmmmm), the fine folks at JikiJikiJa are bringing something Kind for the party. The Good Stuff. Tunes. Almost legal tunes.


But you gotta wait till nightfall. I am all about the Evenin’s.


So this is what’s up: Tonight JikiJikiJa will post our first single (our first release, period) on all your social media faces. We will be kicking ash and taking emails.


Cause it’s a secret. If the authorities find out what were planning, there will be Hell to pay.


Let’s just put it this way: Listen (Yay!) + Follow (OK) = Zoom! (Space)


You game, Red Ranger? Cause the countdown started days ago.  Get on board by joining the flight crew at jikijikija@gmail.com. There will be prizes. Fun ones. Like the thoughts I wouldnt speak public. About him. You know him. Dick. And her. Can you believe her????


Tonight, and for every Third Thursday till Lift Off.  The JikiJikiJa Singles Club.


Couples welcome.


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